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Trail Conditions - 2/18/2021 (and a firm reminder)

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

First and Foremost - Unfortunately, we have gotten a number of complaints around the entire trail system due to people cutting through yards. (Examples: Jackson Station and Donation, Wattsburg Rt. 8 and Brown, Lake Pleasant and Sampson, Downtown Waterford; Note: Circle K has no gas pumps currently, plan accordingly) Not only are people cutting through yards, but we have had a few complaints of people actually circling houses not on the trail system!! I know the snowmobile community is more respectful than that (I also realize there are always a few bad apples). Let's show our support to our landowners when you see them. A simple gentle wave, or stop and chat ... say thank you).

We understand the roads are bare, and we hate to have to scrape down roads. But please, $100 in carbides isn't worth trail closures, it shows our level of respect and keeps our local dealers in business. Stay on the trail.

On to the trail conditions:

Wales and surrounding clubs have been burning a lot of Diesel and working hard over the last week. I have peronally seen both PISC and Mckean out grooming numerous times (great job guys!). Wales Sno-Drifters have been out in force the past week as well, sometimes multiple times a day with multiple groomers. Trails are fantastic right now! Please enjoy them, and remember to RESPECT the landowners.

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