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Mark Sonney


Term on Board: 3/2019 - 2/2022 

I've been an active member of the club since the mid 80's and have been on the Board for many of those years in various positions.  My preferred sled is my 800 Switchback Pro-R but I also have 3 other Polaris's, 2 Ski-Doo's and a Kitty Kat.

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Mark O

Vice President

Term on Board: 3/2020 - 2/2023

Mark O is currently serving as the clubs vice president.  He brings a unique perspective and fresh ideas to our monthly meetings.  Mark O is always ready to step in to fill in for any board role when necessary.


Troy Adam

Chairman of the Board

Term on Board: 3/2019 - 2/2022

I've been an active member of the club for several years and proud to be providing service for Wales Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club.  We are responsible for the largest trail system in Erie County that provide two points of access to the NY trails system.

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Don Dolph


Term on Board: 3/2020 - 2/2023

Don is new to the Board but has been helping the last couple years and has been very active with the club.  Don was auditor last year, has helped with trail work as well as working on the groomers with us too.

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Brian George

Trail Coordinator

Term on Board: 3/2019 - 2/2022

I've been riding and enjoying snowmobiling since a kid.  I've also been a member of various local clubs as well as New York clubs over the years.  I've been helping with trail work and currently serve on the Board doing my part to make the trails the best that we can.

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Steve Shuhart

Recording Secretary

Term on Board: 3/2020 - 2/2023

I've been riding since the 70's but never felt involved until I joined the club.  I highly recommend joining a club to help our sport.

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Sue Higgins

Corresponding Secretary

Term on Board: 3/2021 - 2/2024

We all appreciate the time Sue puts in behind the scenes to ensure land owner letters, newsletters and membership cards are composed and mailed out.  Thank you Sue!

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Dave Wroblewski "Wrobo"

Trail Assistant

Term on Board: 3/2021 - 2/2024

Wrobo has been riding everything with a motor for years and has been helping with trails the last few years and are happy to have him on the board.

Doug Nesselhauf

Trail Assistant

Term on Board: 3/2021 - 2/2024

Doug is fairly new to the club and has been a big help in doing trail work in the off season as well as helping groom during the riding season.  We look forward to his input on upcoming topics.

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