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Matt Yukon Erickson_edited.jpg

Matt Erickson

Chariman of the Board

Term on Board: 3/2022 - 2/2025 

As you can tell by Matt's pic, he is an outdoorsman and also starred in a major movie that I'm sure you have seen.  Yes, Matt was in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and played Yukon Cornelius.  Just kidding, although Matt may not have played Yukon Cornelius from the North Pole he did spend some time in Alaska and has a wealth of knowledge of various machines.  Matt has helped the club in many ways the last few years and has finally decided to join the Board.


Mark O

Vice President

Term on Board: 3/2023 - 2/2026

Long time Wales member and Board member , Husband Dad and Grandpa. Hobbies are music , hunting and anything with a motor !!!

Mark S.jpg

Mark Sonney


Term on Board: 3/2022 - 2/2025

I have been a member of Wales since the mid/late 80's and love the snow and being outdoors.  Being part of the Wales club gives me the opportunity to be outdoors and to be part of something that I love.   Snowmobiling was something that we did as a family every winter.  Although the kids have grown up and moved out of town, and neither my wife or daughter like the cold, we still enjoyed a beautiful family trip together to Yellowstone National Park and rode for two days in 2022.  

Don Dolph.jpg

Don Dolph


Term on Board: 3/2023 - 2/2026

Don is new to the Board but has been helping the last couple years and has been very active with the club.  Don was auditor last year, has helped with trail work as well as working on the groomers with us too.


Brian George

Trail Coordinator

Term on Board: 3/2022 - 2/2025

I've been riding and enjoying snowmobiling since a kid.  I've also been a member of various local clubs as well as New York clubs over the years.  I've been helping with trail work and currently serve on the Board doing my part to make the trails the best that we can.


Chuck Wetmore

Recording Secretary

Term on Board: 3/2023 - 2/2026

I've enjoyed snowmobiling since I was a kid, remembering the days of trying to put snowmobiles together just to be able to ride for a couple hours put a smile on my face, and ever since then I've been enjoying the sport and the evolution of the trail systems that have been getting better and better every year thanks to all the clubs out there. Being part of a club is a great responsibility in making sure that our sport exists for our kids to enjoy for years to come.

Wales LOGO.png

Jay Galloway

Corresponding Secretary
Term on Board: 3/2024 - 2/2027

Jay has been a long time enthusiast of  outdoors and is also one of our groomer operators for the East County area.  Jay has been very helpful over the past few years and we are excited to have him join the board.

Phil Ion.JPG

Phil Ion

Trail Assistant
Term on Board: 3/2024 - 2/2027

Phil is an avid snowmobiler and has enjoyed helping to maintain trails while building friendships with members of the club.  He finds his time spent working on trails to be very rewarding.

Doug N.JPG

Doug Nesselhauf

Trail Assistant
Term on Board: 3/2024 - 2/2027

Doug is fairly new to the club and has been a big help in doing trail work in the off season as well as helping groom during the riding season.  We look forward to his input on upcoming topics.

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