This is step by step guide how to submit website to the Free Web Directory. Free web directory, submission process and You will get the necessary knowledge Please read our rules before ordering (FAQ page). Or press button and follow to the submission page to create order.

Follow on to Free URL Submit page

Web directory accepts websites to the listing for free or paid. Your website could be accepted for free. We will try to help if you have any difficulties with the Submission. Please prepare all the necessary data for the URL Submit page:

How to add websit

At first, please open the Free URL Submit page, scroll page to below. Fill the all required fields like as example below:

Example Site Name Free URL Submit
Website's Name. You can define any Name (project, organization).

Example Site URL Submit
Website's URL, with http:// or https://. For example
Please follow that rule otherwise you will get error at submission process.

Example Site Description
Description. The website's description, brief information about the project, describe what the what company activities.
It should be a minimum 200 chars.

Example Site Selected Catalog
Select catalog. We require You to define a suitable catalog for your site in our Navigation Tree.
You should choose the Main Catalog, then Catalog, and Subcatalog.

Example Site Contacts
Site Email. By our Anti-SPAM rule this field can't be visible.
Phone and Fax. We recommend to define your contact phones.
Address. This is your office address. You can fill post address: office, house, department, part, street, city, country.
Extended. The operate time, contact person, etc.

Example Site Notifications of Free URL Submit
Contact information about sender. Contact name and email. Message for order, not required.

Example Site Checkbox
Example Site Agreements Checked
Checkbox of agreements

Click Send button to finish of submission order. After we will considering Your submission and add it to the listing. If you will get error click to Back, fix errors in a fields and try to submit URL again.

Try to give brief and clear information on its website and specify the most appropriate category. It is not necessary to specify in the description the website a large number of key phrases, try in one sentence to indicate no more than 4-5 keywords. Try to make as less number of errors.